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Past Events, 2012:

Solar Demonstration for Verengo Solar

Beach Clean Up

Past Events, 2011:

Saturday, Jun 25 CBeach Clean Up at Redondo Beach

Saturday, Apr 9 Caltech Y Make-a-Difference-Day Beach Clean Up at Huntington Beach

Lecture series:

Past Events, 2010:

Monday, Apr 23 ESW hosted a booth at Earth Day Club Fair

Monday, Apr 19 Jeff Reed, director of emerging technologies at Sempra Energy, speaking on Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Renewable Natural Gas, Fuel Cells, and other emerging technologies

Friday, Apr 16 ESW hosted a booth at Pre-Frosh Club Fair

Saturaday, Apr 10 ESW hosted a site at Environmentally Chartered High School for "Make a difference day"

Thursday, Mar 11 Dr. Eduardo Anorga talked about his riveting experiences as a relief doctor in Haiti

Solar Decathlon lecture series:

Past Events, 2009:

Wednesday, Dec 2 A group meeting about Caltech's entry in the 2011 Solar Decathlon competition

Tuesday, Nov 17 Adlai Wertman, Professor at USC's Marshall School of Business, speaking on social entrepreneurship

Monday, Nov 9 Sossina M. Haile, a Caltech Professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, speaking on solid state fuel cell

Saturday, Nov 7 Meeting with Julie Chow, the Executive Director of ESW national team, and also the ESW club leaders in Harvey Mudd College

Thursday, Oct 22 Richard Nelson speaking on biodiesel, followed by a tour of Caltech's biodiesel facilities

Saturday, Oct 10 ESW kickoff and social mixer

Tuesday, Oct 6 ESW's first meeting in 2009

Saturday, Sept 26 ESW at Caltech Club Fair

Past Events, 2006:

Friday, April 21 ESW table at Caltech Earth Day Fair

Tuesday April 18 The first Caltech Alternative Career Fair.


Full speaker bios are here.

March 28-29 ESW attended the Earth Institute Conference at Columbia University and Unite For Sight conference (April 1-2)

Friday, Feb 17 Dinner at Mo’s: Alternative Career Organizer & ESW social

Thursday, Jan 26 Registation and volunteer drive for Spring Alternative Career Fair at the Career Fair

Friday, Jan 13 ESE & Society Discussion: Alice Sterling, a Senior Project Manager for the City of Pasadena. She will be leading the discussion on "/Pasadena's Green Building Program/".

Past Events, 2005:

Friday Dec 2 End-of-term presentations of design projects by students in E/ME 105, Product Design for Developing Countries (Flyer)

Thursday Dec 1 Talk: Ben Linder (Olin College), "Designing Products for Humanitarian Demining: Countering the effects of conflict to save lives" (Flyer)

Friday Nov 18 Tabling at Caltech's International Resource Fair

Thursday Nov 17 Talk: Michael Rosberg from the University of Belize (Flyer)

Thursday Nov 10 Talk: Amy Smith from MIT (Flyer)

Thursday Nov 3 Talk: Joel Segre from Project Impact

Thursday Oct 27: Talk: Dr. Paul Polak from International Development Enterprises, "The ruthless pursuit of affordability" (Flyer; Caltech Today notice)

Wednesday Aug 31: Informational session on building a biodiesel reactor on campus.

Tuesday May 17: Prof. Thayer Scudder discussed his new book, The Future of Large Dams.

Thursday May 5: Informational session on Caltech participation in the National Academy of Engineering's Grainger Challenge to develop a water arsenic-decontamination system.

Saturday Apr 9: Tour of the Los Angeles Eco-Village.

Tuesday March 8: Presentation by Jules Dervaes, Path to Freedom.

Thursday Feb 24: Tour of UCSB's Donald Bren Hall, "the greenest laboratory building in the United States", and of Patagonia’s secondary headquarters. Tour in collaboration with ArtCenter College of Design.

Saturday Feb 5: Visit to Tierra Miguel community-supported agriculture farm. Some photos.

Tuesday Feb 1: Catharine Stebbins presented her work with Prof. Kerry Sieh doing educational outreach on earthquakes and tsunamis to villages in Indonesia. Here is an article from the Washington Post about it.

Tuesday Jan 25: Screening of The End of Suburbia.

Thursday Jan 20: Presentation of the Award for Best Paper in E/ME 105 (“Team Cholera Treatments Worldwide? Fabien Nicaise, Chris Rusay, and Chen-Zhe Wang), and installation of all project posters in the Thomas Building.

Past Events, 2004:

Fall 2004: E105: Engineering Design of Products - Caltech class with Prof. Ken Pickar in collaboration with ESW-CIT.
We also have streaming video of the E/ME 105 presentations through our website!

Thursday, November 18: Speaker, Iqbal Quadir, founder of GrameenPhone

Tuesday, November 9: Speaker, Michael Rosberg University of Belize and Galen University, Belize

Thursday, November 4: Speaker, David Kaisel, Sustainable Sciences Institute

Thursday, October 7: Speaker, David Irvine-Halliday, Light Up The World

Thursday, September 30 - Saturday, October 2: Solutions for a Shrinking Planet - ESW National Conference

Wednesday, May 12: Speaker, Adrian Hightower, Enhanced Energy Foundation

Thursday, April 8: Film screening and discussion, "Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh."

Thursday, February 26: Speaker, Tim Prestero, Design that Matters

Saturday, February 7 : Visit to Tierra Miguel community-supported agriculture farm. Some photos.

Thursday, January 29: Film screening and discussion, "Bread and Roses," 8:00PM in the North Catalina rec room.