Scientists for social responsibility

ESW-CIT – Engineers for a Sustainable World
California Institute of Technology Chapter

We are an organization for students interested in using their technical expertise to promote social resposibility through activities such as providing technology to developing countries, promoting green technology in the US, or getting involved in education and other poverty alleviation programs. Currently there are three main projects: ESW general, the Biodiesel group, and the Alternative Career group. As a whole, ESW-CIT serves nearly two hundred Caltech students.

Our mission is to provide networks and resources for students desiring to make an impact through science and engineering. We connect students with experts in the field through the Fall Speaker Series and with each other through conferences, discussions, and film screenings. In the past year we've taken a step further to directly connect the students to jobs with social purposes by starting Caltech's first Alternative Career Fair.

Since 2010, we have been involved in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competition. Find out more about Caltech's Solar Decathlon Team for the 2011 and 2013 competition.

During the academic year the Biodiesel project meets sporadically to build a biodiesel reactor on campus. For more information, please contact Seth John at or John VanDeusen at .

In all, ESW at Caltech has three email addresses:

esw-cit [at]
This is the main mailing list for club news and events that concern the entire campus ESW constituency. If you gave us your email address at the club fair in years past, you're on this list. Use it as a discussion board for your ideas, interesting articles and links that you find or for other news.

esw-board [at]
This is a "bulletin board" that we use to continue discussion about specific things that we talk about at meetings. The secretary will usually post the minutes to this list. Use this list when you don't want to spam the broader club with finer details about projects we're working on. For example, we can talk about the logistics and organization of our Speaker Series on this list. If you want-on, then get involved by coming to a meeting or talking to a board member!

esw [at]
The club uses this address for correspondence with outside entities. Only club officers have access to this account. We'll usually forward useful information from this list to esw-cit.