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May 1, 2015

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Recent Events

Oct 3, 2013

Stop by our club fair booth today from 4-7pm.

Feb 18, 2012
Location: 004 Thomas, 1:00pm

Working on the Verengo Solar and SunTech portable solar car design.

Feb 12, 2012
Location: 004 Thomas, 3:00pm

Design and building the cart and electronics systems for Verengo Solar and SunTech demonstration

Feb 12, 2012
Location: MCR SFL 3F, 1:00pm

Solar Decathlon Meeting with SCI-Arc. 14 Architecture Students will talk about the solar power design.

Feb 10, 2012
Location: San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant, 2:00pm

An ESW-organized trip to tour the Water Reclamation Plant nearby.

Feb 5, 2012
Location: 004 Thomas, 1pm

Working on building the Verengo Solar and SunTech solar car desgin: building the cart, and finalizing mounting system design.

ESW-CIT – Engineers for a Sustainable World
California Institute of Technology Chapter

ESW-CIT brings together those with interests in sustainable development, scientific problem-solving and social entrepreneurship. Our parent organization is ESW National. The objectives of ESW-CIT are to:

We meet in 004 Thomas every Sunday afternoon. Join our mailing list to receive specific times.

Verengo Solar and SunTech: portable solar car design

In 2011, Caltech ESW partnered with Verengo Solar and SunTech to build a portable solar car. The cart will be used to demonstrate the uses of solar energy and educate people on how solar panels work. We work on the projects every weekend in the ESW lab in 004 Thomas.

Make a Difference Day

Every year, we organize an event for Caltech Y's Make a Difference Day. In 2011, we organized a "beach clean up" trip to Huntington beach. In 2010, we volunteered out at the Environmentally Chartered High School.

[2010 Make a difference day at Environmentally Chartered High School]

Solar Decathlon

In 2010, we formed a team with Southern California Institute of Architecture to participate in the Solar Decathlon 2011 competition. In 2012, our proposal was accepted, and the Caltch/SCI-Arc is once again one of 20 teams to compete in the Solar Decathlon 2013 competition. The Solar Decathlon joins 20 college and university teams in a competition to design, build, and operate the most attractive and energy-efficient solar-powered house.

In September 2011, the Caltech/SCI-Arc team displayed their solar house alongside those of 18 other teams from around the world. After a week-long competition, we received 6th place overall! This includes receiving 2nd place for the Engineering Competition, 2nd for Home Entertainment, and 1st for Energy Balance. For further information, please visit SCI-ARC/Caltech team website

[The conceptual model, named CH:IP/Compact House: Increasing Possibility, combines a minimal footprint with solar technology for a house that could fit into various urban locations]

Past Events

We organized a outreach program at the John Muir High School, and visited the school once a week on Thurs for the Solar Cup competition. Solar Cup is a seven-month program that begins in the fall, in which high school teams totaling about 800 students build and race solar-powered boats at Lake Skinner, in Temecula Valley, learning about conservation of natural resources, electrical and mechanical engineering, problem solving and much more. For further information, please visit the Solar Cup website .

[2010 solar boat making at John Muir High School]

The Biodiesel club worked on a reactor to convert used fryer oil into useable fuel. For more information, please contact Seth John at or John VanDeusen at .

[Richard Nelson was talking about biodiesel quality as well as resource assessment on the 2009 Sustainable Speaker Series]